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Projapoti By samaresh Basu
Projapoti By samaresh Basu

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Book Introduction:
Name of the book: Projapoti

Original author: samaresh Basu
Types of books: Bangla Book
Format: Pdf
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About book
'Projapoti' fell into the trap of obscenity. Flight remained closed for 17 years. Its author Samresh Basu has been a varied illustrator of the relationship between men and women since the beginning of his writing. From his 'Uttarang', 'Saudagar', 'Mrs. Cafe' to 'Beaver', that trend has only become clearer day by day. But Samresh Basu did not just take up the issue. Otherwise, Divyendu Palit would not have said, "This is the one: Tarashankar's 'experience', Bibhutibhushan's 'sentimentality', Manik's 'question', Satinath's 'background differences'. For that he had to add his own time and mentality, his own language and posture_dare, outspokenness and many in one. He had to be Calcutta. " ('A kind of shelter', Desh, 14 May 1986).
Calcutta means intense poison. This is his pseudonym. He has written many novels under this name including 'In Search of Amrit Kumbh' and 'Kothaye Pab Tare'. But he has applied his intense poison in novels like 'Beaver', 'Butterfly', 'Nature' under the name of Samresh Basu. 'Butterfly' was published in 1374 in the autumn country. Amal Mitra, a young advocate, filed a case on February 2, 1986, seeking to ban it as obscene. The petitioner named 7 witnesses on his behalf. Among them was the name of Tarashankar Banerjee as the 7th witness and the name of Professor Ashutosh Bhattacharya of Calcutta University. Neither of them came to testify on his behalf. The accused were Samresh Basu and Sitangshukumar Dasgupta, publisher and printer of Desh. And people like Buddhadeb Basu and Naresh Guha were witnesses for Samaresh.
The essence of the plaintiff's allegations and testimony in the Calcutta Chief Presidency Magistrate's Court is that butterflies are obscene, desecrate the sanctity of literature and the tender-hearted teenagers are going to hell after reading this novel. And young people have lost their benevolence after reading this novel full of senses. Children between the ages of 13 and 19 have bought that autumn number in the country by line. In literature, the beauty, the moral force, has only provided the desire for a composition like 'Butterfly' instead of the invigorating feature. It has no social or literary value. On the other hand, according to Buddhadeb Basu, he got a picture of the social reality of West Bengal. There was nothing obscene in it. And where is the nikti of obscenity in literature? Then this allegation may arise against the great books including Ramayana-Mahabharata. Its protagonist and the men and women presented here and the mischief in their actions are just a picture of time. This picture is realistic. Through this, the author has unmasked the hypocrisy of the society. Naresh Guha also almost echoed Buddhadeva Basu. He said that the words used here have never been used before, adding that Rabindranath is also using many words which no one has ever used before him. In his written statement, Samresh Basu gives an overview of the structure of the novel, the portrayal of the characters and the perspective of the life and activities of his protagonist Sukhen. He said, 'Father's corruption, grandfather's party politics as a tool for personal gain - all make the happy mind bitter. He became awkward. Became disobedient. Disinterested about life. This novel is the story of the last twenty-four hours of his life. ... According to him, no healthy-normal person can be influenced by a bully like Sukhen. Rather, those who are likely to go astray should be careful. The verdict in the case of banning 'butterfly' goes in favor of the plaintiff. The verdict was announced on December 11, 1986: The novel is obscene and should be banned. Interestingly, the day was Samresh Basu's birthday. It said, 'After declaring the novel as obscene, its author Samresh Basu cannot be excused in any way. No matter how great a writer he is? _ With this comment, I am declaring his novel (Projapoti) as obscene. I am also decorating him. I am convicting him under Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code. I am ordering two months imprisonment without paying the fine of Tk 201. And the publisher is given the same punishment.
And the country was asked to destroy pages 184 to 228 of the autumn issue (1364). The fine was paid in the light of the verdict. And the process of taking the case to the High Court began. The Calcutta High Court also upheld the judgment of the Banksal Court. All this happened in 1983. The High Court judge also denied permission to take the case to the Supreme Court. But Samresh Basu and the country's authorities did not give up. The case went to the Supreme Court in 1989. Butterfly translation was sought in 1970. The time for translation reached 1962. Unfortunately, the translation was destroyed by fire and was republished in 1985. The hearing was held on August 20, 22 and 23, 1975. The verdict was published a month later on September 24, 1975. The Supreme Court ruling said butterflies are not obscene. And the accused were acquitted. The case was pending in the Supreme Court for 12 years. When the verdict was announced, Sagarmoy Ghosh referred to it as historic. This is the first legal battle in 18 years over a novel in Bengali literature. DH Lawrence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' has been mentioned repeatedly. There has also been talk of the limits of obscenity in literature. 'Prajapati' and Samresh Basu have been the subject of many chats, meetings and discussions. But what was in this novel? Its protagonist is happy. Tell the story in his own words. His statement is only 24 hours long, but it has brought up Sukhen's whole life. Various incidents, conversations have been shown repeatedly back and forth. The beginning of the statement is the story of catching a butterfly. The story of a girl named Gina has come to light. Involved with this we know about learning. He wanted to marry Shikha happily and build a house. She wanted to be a teacher. The corrupt father, the mother who gave herself up to Bellelapana, the politics and self-interest of the two elder brothers are all gone and nothing is done for Sukhen. Mastani became a way to spend time and survive. He is used by the vested interests, the so-called elites of the society. He also takes the opportunity to enjoy. And the story ends with an accident. Although there are some descriptions of the female body, there is no description of any violent intercourse scene between men and women. All that is there is in hints. The words used in this novel are taken from the conventional speech of the rockers of Calcutta at that time. Samresh thought about it after reading a story by Narayan Gangopadhyay. There, in his own words, an anti-social gangster is making many allegations by blaming the minister who was his pet. Samaresh felt that the language he was speaking was the language of a decent, educated man, and that his statement had become artificial. From that thought, Samresh wanted to tell his own story in the words of a lustful man. The writing is 'Projapoti'.
When 'Projapoti ' was accused of obscenity, Ashok Kumar Sarkar, the then editor of Desh Patrika, took the responsibility on himself. The author wrote in their invitation, they printed that article, if it is accused of obscenity, it is their responsibility. And Samresh ended the role of the non-liability 'butterfly' published in the ban on November 2, 1985, recalling a comment by a French writer. Wants to interrogate the reader - if the report is published with a picture of garbage in the city streets, then if someone attacks the reporter and the photographer - then what is the matter? Samresh died on March 12, 1986. Needless to say, Samresh's role in Bengali literature was impeccable. What Balzac did for French literature, Samresh Basu's work in Bengali fiction can be seen in that role. The characters of Samaresh have emerged from the two classes that have become the victims of the disorder of capitalism. Involved with the country, politics, history and mystery of life - what not! Samresh Basu is a writer who is always active in various subjects and forms. Debesh Roy gave the title of the essay written on his death, 'He is a writer and professional writer till the last day of his life' (Pratikshan, 5th year, 16 issues, 2-18 April 1986). He wrote, "He was not an office-run clerk writer like us. And there is no comparison to the struggle that Samresh has fought to the death as a writer. His own life is another epic novel. I think the name 'Chirasakha' is a huge novel of 5 lakh words in which his son Nabakumar Basu has made that fight memorable. That fight is the fight against all ugliness and obscenity with love in the chest. Although the flight of 'Butterfly' in that battle was a great event for Bengali literature, I feel that it is not a big thing for life and art. Dear reader, you must have noticed that Samresh Basu lived only three years after the flight of 'Projapoti '.

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