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প্রবঞ্চক-নারায়ন সান্যাল {Prabanchak by Narayan Sanyal}

প্রবঞ্চক-নারায়ন সান্যাল {Prabanchak by Narayan Sanyal}

বই সম্পর্কে
নামঃ প্রবঞ্চক-Prabanchak
লেখকঃ নারায়ন সান্যাল (narayan sanyal)
ধরণঃ রুমান্টিক উপন্যাস
ফরমেটঃ পিডিএফ
স্ক্যান ক্রেডিটঃ দুর্জয়বুক টিম

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বই রিভিউঃ
 The book's cover comes in a Pink and Golden Yellow combination with a sketch of Monalisa (The painting by Leonardo da Vinci) and a few other painting's sketches and a sketch of Han Van Meegeren with the word Prabanchak (meaning Cheater) written in bold letters followed by the author's name in white. I guess I would have liked the author's name to be in black,would have given a bolder look to the cover. 
Next,comes the stories : They are extremely well-written,as expected and have enough literature content to hold the reader glued to them. There are two stories,as claimed - the first one is called 
মোনালিসার প্রেমে (In love with Monalisa) and প্রবঞ্চক (The Cheater). The first story is about forgery on paintings in Italy's best known museums and the second one is about Han Van Meegeren's forgery on Vermeer's works.I specifically remember the lines - "When I am dead,let this be said, The man was but naught,but his books were read!"I'll encourage every reader interested in painting or fine arts to go through this. It will explain you the bases of forgery might not be greed - it might just be insult,it might be pain or pride of a race.
Dedicated to : West Bengal's Chief Minister and one of the most important figures of The Communist Party of India (CPIM) from 1977 to 2000 - Jyoti Basu.

বই সম্পর্কে কে কি বলেছে??
আরো নিত্য নতুন বই পেতে আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন অথবা দুর্জয়বুক ডট কম-এ চোখ রাখুন

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