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saimum series
saimum series

Saimum Series সাইমুম সিরিজ)
written by abul asad is a popular novel series of Bangladesh. Unlike other series of its kind, Saimum not only thrills its readers but also provides various informative and educative stuff. But above all, it stimulates into the mind of its reader the sense of morality and gradually makes them think to work for the betterment of humanity and peace. It also helps the readers to gain knowledge of History, geography and culture of many countries. Particularly the History of Islam, the geography of Muslim countries, the territories where they live in and their cultures. A reader can know about the present condition of Islam in the world. Abul Asad starts Saimum on 1976 with “Operation Tel Aviv.

About Abul Asad:
he author of Saimum Series, Abul Asad, was born on 5 August 1942, at the village Narashinghpur in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He started writing articles and stories since he was a student of Class 9. Gradually he became involved in journalism. He continued his studies with the activities of a journalist. He passed MS in economics. Now he is the editor of The Daily Songram. He is also a member of Bangla Shahitta Parishad. In fact, all the books of Saimum Series are published from Bangla Shahitta Parishad. He wrote many other books as well, including Kalo Panchisher Age O Pore and Amra Sei Se Jati.

১-৫৩। সাইমুম সিরিজ (১-৫৩ পিডিএফ একত্রে)

ডাউনলোড ১ থেকে ৫৩ খন্ড আলাদা আলাদা

৫৪। সাইমুম ৫৪- আবার আমেরিকা- Abar Amerika

৫৫। সাইমুম ৫৫ পিডিএফ
৫৬। সাইমুম-৫৬ পিডিএফ
৫৭। সাইমুম -৫৭ পিডিএফ
৫৮। সাইমুম- ৫৮- রত্ন দীপ পিডিএফ
৫৯। সাইমুম-৫৯, বিপন্ন রত্ন দ্বীপ পিডিএফ

৬০। সাইমুম- ৬০ পিডিএফ
৬১। Dragon Voyonkor pdf- ড্রাগন ভয়ংকর পিডিএফ

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