Bishad Sindhu [বিষাদ সিন্ধু]  By Mir Mosharraf Hossain

bisad sindhu
bishad sindhu

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Book Name:  Bishad Sindhu [বিষাদ সিন্ধু] 

Author: Mir Mosharraf

Type: Nobel

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bishad sindhu: Mir Masharraf Hossain (1847-1911) is a multi-dimensional literary writer of the nineteenth century. Masharrafi is not only the best writer of the Muslim literature, but is the best bangla golpo writer of the Muslim community, the first literary artist who came out of the mainstream of social progress to break the confusion, linguistic reforms, the interest of interpreters, break the circle of caste-based thought and thought. His life and personality reflected the behavior of the middle class, the interests, the tendencies, the beliefs of the decadent feudal lords and the Ages.
Mosharraf was the chief cultural spokesperson for the newly-emerged Muslim middle class. His life and literature are deeply embedded in the biographies of nineteenth-century Bengali Muslims with their life-thoughts, thoughts and thoughts. The subjects of his work - diversity, expression, craft, socialism, liberation, secular consciousness and open confession have established him as an artist in a unique position of dignity.Mosharraf Also writting Bangla golpo.

Bishad-Sindhu is a classical bangla golpo book of Bengali literature. One of the most memorable literary works of Musharraf Hussein is Bishad-Sindhu, in the artistic sense of life, sensitivity and language. This book is also at the root of Mir's outstanding fame and widespread identity. The story of this story is based on the tragic events of Karbala. These three episodes of 'Maharram Parbha', 'Shakti Parbha', 'Azidabhadh Parbah', 'Bishad-Sindhu' were published individually at 3, 5 and 6 respectively. After the release of the last episode, an integral version of the three episodes was released together. Masharraf dedicated his first edition of 'Bishad-Sindhu' to Mat, dedicated to Karimonessa Khanam, the zamindar of the Deldur estate in Tangail. However, due to the deterioration of his 'Annadatri' Karimnnessa's relationship with Masharraf, he withdrew this dedication in a later version. It is reported that Musharraf received the special assistance of 'Khabar Prabhakere' assistant editor Bhuban Chandra Mukhopadhyay (12-5) in composing 'Bishad-Sindhu'. Bhubanchandra 'refreshed and equiped with pure Bangla language', Bishad-Sindhu. However, the accuracy of this information is no longer possible.

The attempt to compose poetry and poetry can be traced from the middle ages of Bengali literature, focusing on the events of bangla golpo Karbala. Murcia has built up a tremendous repertoire of literary stories. In modern times, this trend has not been extinguished. The tragedy of Karbala also touched Michael Madhusudan Dutt (121-5). He was of the opinion that a great epic could be composed of the story of Maharram.

In the 'Face of the Great' author, Masharraf tells of the source of the story of 'Bishad-Sindhu': 'Bishad-Sindhu' was interrupted by a summary of the main events from the Persian and Arabic texts. Preserving ancient poets' texts and scriptures, by precisely translating ancient poems, is extremely difficult. But my main objective is to make the main event of Maharram easily heartbreaking by the beloved readers of Bangabhasis. ” Munir Chowdhury has expressed logical suspicion about Musharraf's claim. He is convinced by the sincere resemblance of Bishad-Sindhu with the interpreter, that Musharraf's resort was a popular Bengali pantheon. Ghulam Sakalyan's opinion is the same. Anisuzzaman and Mustafa Nurul Islam also believe that the interpreter manuscript is the source of inspiration and inspiration of Musharraf's story.

Drawn on an epic canvas, 'Bishad-Sindhu' is a rally of a minor character. However, not all characters are essential to the story, nor did they explode equally. Most of the characters were circle-bound, unable to play an active and spontaneous role through their behavior or actions. The characters who are respected, glorified, and virtuous in the religious field or in history are rarely inactive and passive in this novel.
Azid is the main character of 'bishad sindhu'. The beginning of the novel is the focus of his desire and the end of the story is his tragic disaster. By following his actions, the story of 'bishad sindhu' has become a fluke. Author Azid could not be as engrossed in drawing another character as earnest and attentive in character-depiction. The character of azid is represented by the nature, inclination, and reality of a man of repugnant blood-flesh. In this regard, Munir Chowdhury's analysis is noteworthy: 'The most obvious and glowing character of the book is that of AG. In his way of thinking, impulsive expression, there is a strong dark glow that other characters seem to have on his side. In the view of the moralists, no matter how ugly and cursed the actions of the Aegis are, the literary standard of character justice is not the second in the entire novel as a full-blown man like Aegid. Azid is sinful, hypocritical, and sensual. But the nature of the sin of the AGs is outstanding, its development is catastrophic, its consequences are just as horrible, so mournful. '

The transformation of the AG is responsible for its tragic consequences. In the intense fire of Rupajmoh, Azid was burned like a helpless love-worm all his life. The political intent of the AGs in history is absent in this novel. Here, the Prophet's Prophet (peace be upon him) with Hassan-Hussain, the duo of Agid, indicated his intense affection for a woman as the main cause. Ramani is his target, not the state. The epithet clearly states: 'Azid is not a lover of the kingdom, neither is expecting a military and a royal crown, nor is he an aspirant of the throne. The price he expects is the secret of his father's mind, the incomprehensible of his intellect, the wealth he expects. ”[Maharram Parbat, First Stream]. bangla premer golpo was mosharraf first nobel.

At the beginning of the bangla golpo , Ejid expresses his secret ambition in his emotional voice: 'Father: My sorrow is eternal, there is no limit to this sorrow, there is no way to relieve it. I have stood at a distance far beyond the hope of the world. I know that my subject matter, my wealth, are all immense. … But the heart of my heart that is being pierced by the idol of the idol is not relieved. Father! There is no cure for that pain. If I had, I would have said ... and could not. Either you will not see or hear, - ajid poisoning where there is no name of mourning, disappointment of love, lack of hope and hope, leaving this sinful body in such a desolate place that it has gone to the sanctuary… '[Maharram Parbat, First Stream].

Regarding the severity of the love affair with the victory of the conqueror, the author mentions: 'In the vein of the aegis, the thoughts of triumph in the atom-part, at each point of breath, in the breathing-dream, remain in the heart.' Elsewhere, he says: 'Agid has been sitting on surrendering victoriously from the east. On the day he saw Jayanab, on the day of ignorance of the victory, Najin-Chokor of Aizid drank the face of Jainab's face, on that day, AJid had surrendered himself to Jayanab and surrendered to Joynab Rupsagar. Victory is meditation, victory is knowledge. ”[Maharram Prabhu, Fourth Stream].

In love with Jayanab-mad, almost Azid manages to 'despise the kingdom' and 'abandon it till death'. He had no political intention to send troops to Medina for the 'slaughter' of Hasan-Hussein. The aggression of the AGD was revealed when the minister selected Marwan as the captain of the army, saying in a sentimental language: 'Brother Marwan! … If you want to defend the AG, if you want to put the fire of the AG, if you want to relieve the agony of the AG, if you want to save the hope of the victory of the AG from the gloomy Indus, then go ahead now and do not go back. Tenth flow].

Azid is a devoted lover. He has no love, no hypocrisy. The poignant heart-warming statement of the prisoner Jayanab revealed: 'For whom is this terrible summer? For what is this audible flow? What is your fault, ajid hate you? What is the poison of your eyes for ajid? What made you reluctant to go to Damascus? ”[Recovery, Third Stream].

The sweetheart of AG's face to face death - she knows to stay awake even after hearing the footsteps of her soul. When Muhammad escaped to defend the awesome Aizid in the attack of Hanifa, the memory of the triumphant victory lighted deep in his mind: 'The prisoner fell on his face. How dazzling his mind was when he read the Damascus prison house in front of the Aegis. Even in such a crisis, how did the mind of the AGs come to be? The form that was hidden in the depths of the heart, came out. ”[Ezidbhhh Prabhu, Fourth Stream].

Mosharraf also best writer about bangla golpo pdf, bangla short story, bangla vuter golpo, bangla premer golpo. 'bishad sindhu' is a touching prose epic of destiny-despised human destiny. On the one hand, Musharraf has been divided over the two tensions between policy, justice and truth and on the other, human lust and responsibility for art. Mosharraf's accountability to the religion and his people has essentially made him the party of Hasan-Hussein, where his attention is devoted to the victory of truth. But the emperor's sympathy and compassion for the artist, who also leaned on the AGs, is not to be forgotten. Outwardly his favor towards Hassan-Hussein, but in the deepest of industrial-state, the 'evil' Azid is established with sincere favor and compassion. Artist Masharraf's intention to conquer the art-making of this cult story has been achieved. The tragic events of history have finally become a modern paradigm of a love-suicide.

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